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Levend Bagelry will be permanently closing after Saturday, April 16

We are closing after nearly 6 years at the @bostonpublicmarket, and April 16, 2022 will be Levend Bagelry’s last day. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such wonderful people and baking you bagels nearly every day for the past 6 years. Thank you all for making this possible. After weathering the pandemic over the past 2 years, and facing every other challenge that comes with owning a small business, it’s simply time for a new adventure and to pass the bagel torch on. We’re thrilled to share that the Reckling brothers of @bagelguild will be taking over our space, so rest assured you won’t be left with a bagel-sized hole in your heart or stomach. Please come visit and buy all of our bagels over the next 2 weeks! (And then buy all of @bagelguild’s bagels for the rest of forever.)

Come Visit Us!

We are now mixing, shaping, boiling and baking bagels at the Boston Public Market!  Located at 100 Hanover St, the market is the home to over 40 vendors selling locally grown and produced foods. We bake batches of bagels throughout the day to ensure optimal freshness so if your favorite flavor isn’t currently on the shelf, just let us know and we’ll usually have a fresh batch coming out soon.

Our Bagels

Starting with our sourdough culture, we transform a few simple ingredients into our own unique version of a NY-inspired bagel.  Under a crackling crust awaits a flavorful interior that strikes the perfect balance of a chewy, but not too dense crumb.  After a 48-hour fermentation, our bagels are boiled and covered in your favorite toppings before heading to the oven to realize their full potential.

Plain Dough - Our Classic dough made with our Organic Sourdough Culture and Organic Vermont King Arthur Flour

Comes with the following topping options: Plain, Salt Flake, Sesame, Everything, Cheddar, Poppy, Pepper Jack

The Birdfeeder

Our healthiest option that will power you through the day!  Made with our Sourdough culture, we add Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Ground Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Oats.

Herb Dough - Our Classic Organic Sourdough Culture combined with Basil, Rosemary, and Sage

Comes with the following topping options: Plain, Salt Flake, Sesame, Everything, Cheddar, Poppy, Pepper Jack

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese
Our cream cheese is for us fresh every week by Narragansett Creamery.  It is a fresh creamy cheese made with local milk and has a full flavored and tangy taste.

Flavors: Plain, Scallion, Garlic & Herb, Boston Smoked Salmon, Sriracha

100 Hanover St @ the Boston Public Market


Sunday 10am-3pm  |  Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm | Please note we may sell out early, please check Instagram for daily sellout updates!